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Introvert in the streets, extrovert in the sheets

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love of my life

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i want to kiss you and take cute pictures with you and go on stupid dates but I also want tO DESTRYO YOU AT MAR IO KART


Cat Stevens





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Nature’s Simplicity (by louids)

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I had two really good days in a row
Yesterday I went to Disneyland for the last time in a long time (probably like December!!!) and ate at the blue bayou, also roamed around DCA. It was so nice being on my home turf again. i got a glowing ice cube it was incredible. Also I was with my best friend so that made it 10000% more enjoyable. AND DOLE WHIP. Then this morning I left at 10 and got to LA by 11:30 with a homie. We stopped by the Ferrari place on Wilshire or near Wilshire or something because there was a super rare car there (1 of 2 in the world!) and he wanted to take pictures. Which was cool beans. After that we walked around rodeo (even though my legs and feet were still killing me from Disneyland yesterday) and went to this cool ice cream place called LA Ice Cream Lab or something idk THEY MAKE THE ICE CREAM IN FRONT OF YOU WITH LIQUID NITROGEN. SIK. DOPE. THen we were on our way to the grove when Obama aka the president had to mosey on down third street so they closed down the whole thing. We parked in a whole foods parking lot just in time and talked to a really nice cop about cameras. Then we waited for eh less than an hour to see a shooooot ton of motorcycles and big suburbans and idk just a ton of personnel riding by super quickly then it was over. So we ventured into the grove and eventually trekked down to Santa Monica where we drove down PCH and tuna canyon or hill or something. It was COOL BEANS. I peed in the forest up there. After that we were on our way home but traffic made it so a 1 hour ride turned into a 2.7 hour ride. Holla.
Now I’m tired and I’m out. peace and love you beautiful babes